About Us


Inspired by a shared passion for movement and the serene beauty of Maui, our yoga studio was born from a dream — a dream to cultivate a space free from competition, where individuals feel not only safe but truly seen. At the heart of our studio lies a commitment to fostering a sense of community, not just within our walls but resonating globally.

Our founders, Lorena, the Movement Maven, draws upon her dance background and 15 years of teaching to infuse our studio with the grace of the Goddess Movement. Rhema, our Self-Care Sovereign, shares her wisdom gained from over 25 years of teaching, guiding our community towards courageous self-care practices. Dave, the Ashtanga Maestro, with a legacy of owning several yoga studios, brings over 30 years of expertise, making us a powerhouse of experience with a cumulative 60 years of teaching.

We’re more than just a studio; we’re a heart-based, community-driven sanctuary. Our membership model knits bonds within, while our Seva Yoga programs extend our positive impact beyond our shores. Join us on this journey as we share our love for movement, self-care, and the spirit of aloha with the world.”